When one sets their eyes on the prize, they’re willing to do anything and everything in their power to get it. With sheer will and determination, it’s impossible to miss out the opportunity to win the prize. But, some situations are bound to fail, no matter what tricks one uses.

In the case of our furry friends, their funny and adorable natures can surely make anyone’s heart melt. A pitiful whine or a wet puppy smooch is all it takes for us humans to lower our defenses and indulge in their whims.

But, what if a dog uses its best weapon against you? Would you still be able to hold your ground and stand firm with your decision?

Stop with the drama, Titon.

Among all the dog breeds available in this world, I would say bulldogs are some of the most adorable kind. With their chubby bodies and a permanently wrinkly face, who'd dare harden their heart and not indulge their every wish, right?

But, it seems like one incredible human can resist such temptation despite the “puppy-eye” look.

In this particular video, one can see a cute little bulldog named Titon. The pooch props himself up on the bed while donning on the world-renowned “puppy eyes” look. Whatever Titon wishes to get this time, this ultimate trick must work its magic – or all else fails.

You can’t get on the bed. That's final.

By the looks of it, Titon’s trying to convince his fur dad to let him on the bed. Wearing his best “puppy eyes” look, Titon gives it his all to immerse in his victim role. Hopefully, this is enough for dad to change his mind.

However, dad’s mind is all made up. No matter how Titon pleads for him to grant his request, fur dad’s bent with his decision. He even scolds the pooch for taking over every available furniture in the house.

When things didn’t go as he planned, Titon tried intensifying his victim act, putting on a more dramatic look. But, could this persuade dad to give him a spot on the bed?

If you’re curious enough to see how Titon’s plan went, click the play button on the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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