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​If your family LOVES dogs, you're going to LOVE this! And it's absolutely FREE.

​It's perfect for creative kids who love to color and ​it includes a place ​to share the love of their dog, personal stories, thoughts, gratitude and ​just about anything else they want to write about.

​And​ if you're a parent who needs a little something to keep your kids occupied and productive, we've got you covered because we know exactly what that's like. ​

To help out...

We've put together a printable coloring book journal for you with the cutest doggy designs and plenty of space to share stories and photos about the family dog, practice some gratitude and just about anything else that comes to mind. 

Here's a peek inside this 21-page Happy Dog Island printable coloring book journal...

Free Dog Lover Coloring Books
Peek Inside the Free Dog Coloring Book Journal

Here's a peek at the "Naughty Dogs Coloring Book"...

Now you've probably seen those cute and funny dog shaming pics all over the Internet. Well, now we bring you the Happy Dog Island Naughty Dogs Coloring Book. Lots of fun pages of cute and naughty dogs you can't help but love.

Naughty Dogs Free Coloring Book

The benefits of coloring for kids...

​Most obviously, coloring can improve fine motor skills and focus, but it's also incredibly relaxing and is known to reduce both children and adults, so if you want to color and write in this book, we do not judge! ​​​

The benefits of journaling for kids...

​Children who journal can improve their writing skills and creativity. They also can learn to relieve stress when they write about things that are going on in their lives and practice gratitude when they regularly write down the things they appreciate, giving them a lifelong abundance mindset. 

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​As we spend more time at home with our families, these days...activity ideas can seem in short supply. Well, you'll love the 31 ideas we've included in this bonus guide. No more "I'm bored's" by you or the kids.

And hey, we've also throw in an EXTRA 12 ideas of fun activities to do with your dog at that's a total of 43 fun ideas.

31 Fun At-Home Activity Ideas for Families

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​Do it now and get these ​5 bonus coloring sheets too! 

5 Free Coloring Pages Bonus

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