Bear the Blind Pit Bull Finds Happy Home – A Melt Your Heart Story!

Taking in a special needs dog requires extra patience. They will need a lot of care and may take more time and be harder to train.

But as Katie in the following story learned, it’s often worth the effort.

Bear, a pit bull, was only a puppy when he was hit by a car in New Jersey. The driver left without stopping or even trying to help him.

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A kind stranger stopped and took him to an animal hospital. Bear had serious injuries from the accident including damage to his eyes. It was so bad that both eyes had to be removed.

To make the story even sadder, when his owner arrived they chose to leave him instead of taking him home. But despite the puppy’s rough start, his story has a happy ending.

Sarah, who worked at the animal hospital told her daughter, Katie, about the abandoned dog. They decided to give the dog a forever home despite his health problems. In her words, “We decided to open our hearts and home to the poor soul.”

Katie admits there were challenges along the way. Bear was understandably terrified of cars and loud noises. New environments were terrifying for him.

But with time and lots of love and attention, Bear learned to deal with his blindness and gained new confidence. He’s a happy, contented dog living with people who love him. And he returns that love. Katie says that whenever she’s down he senses it and always tries to comfort her.

Katie encourages future special needs dog owners that the love you receive is well worth any sacrifices.

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