Snoring Buddha Refuses To Wake Up – Until He Hears The Magic Word

Who gets to sleep throughout the night amid all the snoring from your roommate? Perhaps some can manage to take a nap or even sleep through it as if nothing happened. But, for most of us, sleep can be elusive once the snoring starts.

Unbeknownst to many, snoring is a health issue, even among dogs. The act itself raises a doctor’s concern as it signifies a problem in one’s airway. However, for some dog breeds like the English bulldog, snoring's a normal phenomenon due to their anatomy.

But, can a dog owner effectively stop a dog from snoring?

Meet Buddha, my snoring English bulldog.

As previously mentioned above, some dog breeds have higher chances to snore while sleeping. One example of this is the English bulldog. Due to their short-headed features, one can expect to hear the sound of a freight train all night long.

But, for lovers of this breed, they don’t care. They view these dogs like giant plush toys, ready to give them the warmest hugs and kisses.

In one of the viral videos nowadays, an English bulldog named Buddha sleeps the afternoon away with his fur dad.

However, due to Buddha’s loud snoring, fur dad cannot sleep a wink. Whenever fur dad almost goes to dreamland, the sound of Buddha’s snoring brings him back to the living world. Talk about an interrupted afternoon nap.

Buddha, can you wake up for just a sec?

Since it’s an impossible feat to take his afternoon nap with Buddha snoring, fur dad attempted to wake the sleeping dog. But, it seems Buddha is deep into his slumber, as fur dad’s cajoling fell on deaf ears.

No matter how hard fur dad wakes his best buddy, the pooch wouldn’t budge. Buddha even stretched his body out, signifying that he doesn’t want anybody to disturb his peaceful slumber.

But, it looks like Buddha’s bound to wake up soon with his fur dad’s ingenious idea.

Do you want to get Roz, Buddha?

Since there’s no other way for fur dad to wake Buddha up, he uses the ultimate weapon he has.

As soon as the magic words “Let’s go get Roz!” left dad’s mouth, Buddha opened his eyes. When fur dad repeated the magic words, Buddha immediately jumped out of the couch and became alert.

Well, we do not know who or what Roz is, but it looks like Roz is the only way to wake up a sleeping Buddha – and stop him from snoring.

Take a look at how fur dad cleverly woke his sleeping Buddha from his nap in the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube

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