We can all agree that Freddie Mercury has taken us by storm following the most talked-about release of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. But there's no denying that this dog's karaoke version of Queen's “We Are The Champions” comes as close when it comes to entertainment value.

Annie Aul and her pet Lola were off on a road trip from Alabama to Florida. Since it will be quite a drive, Annie opted to put on some rock-and-roll music from no less than the Queen. The video started with Annie singing along as Lola sits quietly in the backseat enjoying the ride and sight-seeing. As the stereo blasts leading just right before the song's chorus, Lola totally got into the rock and roll vibe and started belting out her favorite tune. And it's just so hilariously satisfying to watch.

It's no surprise for dogs to love music as much as humans do. In fact, music solely intended for dogs have rapidly become a niche. There's a wide variety of musical choices you can find at Amazon, and Spotify has dedicated playlists for them, too. But while most dogs favor slower rhythms, Lola, our singing rockstar prefers otherwise.

Research suggests that music is linked to giving dogs great health benefits. It aids in slowing down the rate of their heartbeats consequently calming them down whenever they're feeling anxious. In fact, most dog shelters have embraced the use of music therapy to foster a  soothing and serene environment for their residents. It's also believed that since the environment is less noisy and more comfortable, guests tend to stay longer resulting in dogs having higher chances of being adopted or finding their foster homes.

Now that's a win-win proposition for all, don't you think?

See the full video below:

Source: https://www.rover.com/blog/dog-sings-along-champions-epic-karaoke-duet/

Video: Annie Aul via YouTube

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