If you’re a dog owner, you know that dog treats play a huge role in training your dog. Whether you want to reinforce a new behavior or reward positive behavior, it works very well; this is especially the case when you’re training the dog.

You need to understand that treats are a great way to show your dog that you love them. For this reason, it's important to realize that there are certain factors that you need to keep in mind before you buy the treats.


The number of times that you treat your dog is one of the factors to consider and keep in mind this will guide your buying decision. For instance, if you intend to use the treats while training the dog, the chances are high that you’ll need to buy smaller treats. It’s obvious that small treats will not be consumed fast. Also, the treats should be low-calories treats which will help your dog to stay slim.


If you have a dog, you probably know that nylabones provide the chewing satisfaction that your dog needs.

If you deny your dog the opportunity to play with nylabones, there’s a probability that they won’t develop the strong chewing resistance required for the maximum jaw exercise. In other cases, your dog might be at risk of impaction, splintering, or cracking their teeth if they don’t have a strong jaw and teeth.

The Health and Age

If you own a puppy, it’s evident that they’ll prefer smaller treats. However, if you own a big dog, a different kind of treat will be required. The senior dogs have sensitive teeth, so they need softer treats. In case your dog has an allergy, you’ll need to consider this. Desist from hypoallergenic treats.

Pooch’s Preferences and Puppy Treats

Understand that treats are usually available in different shapes and sizes. The flavors should fit the dog's taste. Puppies love to chew; however, they have different needs and characteristics from a senior dog.

The puppy treats constitute of softer textures, safe ingredients, and small sizes, this works well with young puppies. However, sometimes you need to treat your dog with bulk dog treats, including treats such as biscuits and rawhides.

Natural Treats

We know that natural treats work well for a wide variety of dogs. They also have a wide variety of chewing styles that your dog can enjoy. They also have a wide range of flavors that dogs love. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Dog Cookies and Biscuits

Cookies and biscuits give the dog a crunchy texture that dogs crave, this promotes their gums and teeth. There’s a wide range of flavors that will be of great benefit to your dog.

Rawhides Bones

These types of bones are ideal for determined chewers. They preserve the furniture and shoes in your house, no pun intended. They also promote the dental health of your dog. They’re even low in calories and are available in different sizes and styles.

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