Considerations To Make

Remember that if you consider yourself a responsible breeder, you cannot be doing this primarily for profit. It’s not all about the money and selling puppies. As a responsible breeder, you’ll have to go the extra mile and put in the hard work required in preserving, promoting, and improving the quality of the favorable breeds. Patience is key here, and you’ll need to cross the exceptions by supporting one litter at a time.

Lots of planning, preparation, time and thought will play a huge role in the process of breeding dogs. Understand that breeding dogs are more than a science, it’s an art that calls for patience.

It’s reasonably accurate to state that the breeder is the individual who owns the mother of a litter. If you’re going to earn the title and accolade of a reputable breeder, you’ll have to institute a sound breeding program. Having done this, you’ll also have to evaluate and research bloodlines and dogs ceaselessly; this will be done carefully and intensively before deciding which males should cross with the females.

A responsible breeder will go out of their way to make sure that the female dog medically evaluated for any hereditary or congenital disabilities and diseases. Also, they evaluate the potential stud dog to determine if they have any infirmities.

It’s essential to make sure that there are no sexually transmitted diseases that have infected the dogs, especially the case if the dog has been bred before. There’s a need for time and energy to be expended in preparation and planning for the puppies before the mating of two dogs can be done.

Stay Away From Puppy Mills

Let me warn you against the phony breeders; this is the type of breeders who have multiple litters every year, they always advertise the puppies they’re trying to sell, they regularly breed females on consecutive heat cycles. If you spot such a breeder, you’d better run.

These kinds of breeders who have no best interest at heart for their dogs, they’re merely trying to earn money. You’ve probably heard the term “puppy mills,”  this is irresponsible breeders who can are responsible for the many dogs we see in the streets.

There’s an incredible surge in the number of homeless dogs in the U.S. It’s fairly accurate to conclude that these puppy mills play a huge role in the number of homeless dogs that we’re seeing.

If you’re a responsible breeder, you ought to stand behind the animals and act as a mentor to the owner. Also, a good breeder will be ready to take back any of their dogs if the circumstances of the owners changed.


The dogs that in a decent breeding program ought to be well-documented. The documentation should have the history of the siblings and their parents.

It is with this in mind that responsible breeders take the initiative to evaluate the family history by considering the genetic or potential hereditary disorders in the sire or dam. This evaluation should also be done on the offspring and parents of the dog.

Many authorities recommend that female dogs should not breed before they’re two years of age, this is the time that most the health tests can be done. The next breeding should be done after the next heat cycle. At the end of the day, a responsible breeder ought to acknowledge the fact that it costs a lot.

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