How Can I Groom My Own Dog? 12 Essential Tips

Just as proper grooming is important for humans, so too ensuring that your dog remains healthy is part of the grooming experience. Here are 12 grooming tips to help you answer the question of “How can I groom my own dog?”

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* Depending upon the breed of the dog, that is, long-haired or short-haired, regular brushing should be part of the grooming routine. This prevents the hairs from matting and ensures a continuous healthy coat.

* Bathing a dog is usually performed on a monthly basis. However, if you have a dog that lives outdoors, you may wish to bathe him more frequently. If your dog doesn't sit still during a bath, check out our Slow Treater Lick Pad review as it's a very cost-effective tool to help you get the job done.

* Be sure to use either soap or shampoo specifically made for dogs.

* While blow drying may be recommended for specific breeds, natural drying outdoors in spring and summer months is preferable.

* Be sure to wash from front to back and not to apply any soap on the dog's face. Use water instead. A dog can easily lose his scent if soap is applied to the nose.

* While bathing the dog, you can also check to determine if there are any lumps or bumps under the dog's coat.

* Try not to get any water into his ears. Clean the ears with a cotton ball.

* Nail trimming is also a component of good grooming. However, one has to use the proper implement and be careful not to cut the nails so much so that it begins to bleed. The rule of thumb is to just cut the tip of the nail. Try our nail grinder for dogs to avoid cutting the quick.

* Check the dog's eyes to ensure they are clear. If you notice anything out of the ordinary such as mucus or swelling, take the dog to a vet. He may have developed conjunctivitis.

* Brushing a dog's teeth is also important. This can be done once a week to ensure the dog doesn't develop any dental problems. Use toothpaste designed for dogs.

* Another grooming tip which is essential in preventing fleas or ticks is to purchase a flea brush and use it on a daily basis, especially for dogs that spend most of their time outdoors.

* Check the pads under the dog's feet to ensure there are no stones or thorns that may have become embedded there. If you notice your dog seems to be holding up one leg, there maybe something that is irritating the paw.

Finally, a regular check-up at the veterinarian is essential in maintaining your dog's health. While grooming will help keep him free of germs, mites, ticks, and fleas, these check-ups will ensure he is in good condition and if a case arises wherein he does develop any of the aforementioned problems, a vet can easily help you to attend to your beloved dog's every need.

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