Slow Treater Lick Pad Review: Make Bath Time Easier and Save on Expensive Groomer Appointments

If you find it difficult to get your dog to stay in one place during a bath or shower, but don't want to pay for expensive groomer appointments, this inexpensive slow treater lick pad might provide a  viable solution.

Slow Treater Lick Pad Review

Product Overview:

The product is simple. Made from a food-grade silicone, it provides a surface for a dog to slowly lick peanut butter or another sticky treat from it's textured surface. It attaches to the wall securely with two non-slip suction cups. Now that your dog is distracted, you can get to scrubbing and cleaning up your pup. It includes raised ridges to keep the treat from spreading on the wall and is designed so your dog consumes that treat SLOOOOOOOWLY, so you can finish up bath time in peace.

  • Material: food-grade silicone (FDA approved)
  • Size: about 19.5*10CM/7.68*3.94in
  • Dishwasher safe

Note the Product Size

Some users have noted the product is smaller than they expected, but do take note of the 19.5*10CM/7.68*3.94in size, which is suitable for most dogs. Treats can also be reapplied if your dog finishes up early.

Cleaning and Safety

Make sure to run the product through the dishwasher to sterilize it before first use. Then wash it in the dishwasher each time for more sterilizing safety than hand-washing.

Also use unsweetened peanut butter, where possible. But if you do use any type of sweetened peanut butter, make sure it doesn't contain a sweetener called xylitol as it is dangerous, even deadly, for dogs.

Overall Thoughts and Reviews

This product is designed to do exactly as advertised and ensures that your dog consumes the treat slowly, so you can finish bathing him or her. Of course, results can always vary depending on your dog's preferences and tolerance for being bathed. This is a sturdy product that should last through many bath times and who knows, your dog may start to actually enjoy his baths.

It's also a very inexpensive solution to the common dog bath problem. Paying for the slow treater lick pad one time and keeping a supply of peanut butter on hand is much cheaper than paying a groomer to bath your dog each time.

Where to Buy the Slow Treater Lick Pad

Because we enjoy this product so much and believe it provides a handy solution for dog owners, we offer the Slow Treater Lick Pad from our website here. You can also check out the various reviews to ensure you're making the best buying decision.

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