So Cute! Bernese Mountain Dog and Baby Meet + Tips for Introducing Your Pup to Your Baby

This adorable video shows the excitement when a ten month old baby is introduced to a new puppy, a Bernese Mountain dog. Not only is the puppy excited but the baby finds the puppy hysterically funny. It’s easy to see how these two will become best friends as they grow older.

But despite all the cute videos, bringing a new baby or a new puppy into a home is not always that easy. The dog may resent the attention you give the new baby and in some cases even try to harm the baby. A small child will want to grab and hold a puppy like they do their stuffed animals.

When introducing a puppy to a small child, or a new baby to an older dog, caution must be used. If you want to video the event, then have someone else with you ready to immediately step in if there is a problem. That adorable video is not worth your child or dog being harmed.

Here are a few ideas to help your family adjust to a new member.

How to Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

Play recordings of baby sounds. Start on a low volume and increase as your dog adjusts to the sounds and doesn’t appear anxious.

Bring home a sleeper or item of clothing the baby has worn at the hospital so your dog can get used to the smell of the baby.

Carry a doll around so the dog will get used to showing attention to something other than them.

After Baby is Home

Be sure your dog is still giving enough exercise. Hire a dog walker if needed.

Never leave them unsupervised.

If your dog shows signs of aggression towards the baby, seek the help of a professional dog trainer.

Preparing Your Child for a new Puppy

The age of the child will dictate how you plan for this event.

You can talk to even a preschooler and try to explain how to be gentle with a puppy. Use a stuffed animal to show how to pet the dog and not squeeze to hard or make quick movements.

If your child is too young to have verbal skills, then it’s important for you to always be there when your toddler or baby interacts with a new puppy. You’ll need to show them by your actions how to treat the puppy. A toddler does not have full control of their motor skills, if they grab the puppy, they may not be able to release their hold and the puppy will try to protect itself.

Children and dogs are a wonderful match, if you as the parent teach them how to love and treat each other. But be diligent in the begging and understand that it will take some work on your part.


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