Covid-19 and Your Dog: Should You Be Concerned?

No one expected 2020 to bring a world-wide pandemic. Needless to say, the questions and concerns this has caused are endless.

One thing that pet owners wonder are – can my dog or cat get the Covid-19 virus?

So far there have been very few cases of a dog testing positive and none of those were in North America. The dogs were not sick or showing any symptoms but did come from a home where the family had Covid-19. The risk for animals seems to be almost non-existent.

Quarantine Concerns

If you’re bored to tears during a lock down, you know your dog isn’t going to want to be cooped up either. They may be thrilled at first to have you home all the time but when they sense your restlessness they’ll start to get anxious, too.

The best cure is to get out and get some exercise. Play Frisbee in a large empty field, take a walk keeping a safe distance from others, or at least go out in the backyard and throw a ball around. The sunshine and fresh air will help you both.

Other Concerns

Many singles, especially elderly people, worry about what will happen to their pet if they get sick. This is a legitimate concern and one best thought about ahead of time. Talk to friends and neighbors you trust and see if they’d be willing to care for your pet if you should become ill and need to be hospitalized. If no one is willing to make that commitment, call a local vet that boards dogs and find out their rates. See if a friend or neighbor would at least be responsible for taking your pet to be boarded.

Another worry is what to do if your pet gets sick while everything is shut down. Most vet clinics are still taking emergency calls even though they aren’t open regular hours. Some are doing Teladoc visits by video. Call your vet now and find out how they’re handling their practice, before you need them.

If you pet needs medication, try to stock pile a little extra because you might not be able to access it quickly.

The same is true with dog food and dog treats. Get a little extra in case you can’t make it to the store as often as you normally would.

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