It is such a nice feeling to know that despite all the negativity spread all over the world, there are still kids who were raised well by their parents. There are kids who have an innate compassion for others, are not selfish, and are smart to decide what is right from wrong.

There were kids who were busy playing one day when their attention was captured by six, very small, newly-born puppies. Almost instantly, they knew that they have to do something to help the puppies. They agreed to bring the cute puppies home and feed them with milk using a feeding bottle. The kids were not aware though that the puppies were not really abandoned, their mother just left them for a while to look for food.

Because they are still young and could not really take the responsibility of looking after six tiny animals, the kids decided to seek the help of animal rescue groups. They got in touch with Hope for Paws and immediately arranged the relocati0n of the puppies from the kids’ house to animal shelter.

After the rescue volunteers saw the puppies, they knew that given their age, the puppies’ mother may just be within the area where the kids found them. They developed a plan so they can draw the attention of the mother hoping she will come back for her newborn puppies. The rescuers are decided to reunite the mother and her puppies.

The rescuers put up a tiny tent, and placed many blankets inside that will serve as the puppies’ bed. They placed it near the area where the kids first located the puppies. Within just a few minutes, the mother dog arrived and approached her puppies.

When she came, it is obvious that she is very hungry and she was also trembling. The rescuers offered to feed her but she refused, she wanted to get close to her puppies first. It was a very beautiful view and is clear proof that a mother’s love is truly incomparable.

Watch the video below:

Video source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via YouTube

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