Each year a contest is held in Petaluma, California to choose the ugliest dog. And you should see the winners. These dogs take the prize for their bizarre looks.

The title of World’s Ugliest dog of 2018 went to an English Bulldog named Zsa Zsa from Minnesota. She had a rough start to life, spending five years in a puppy mill. But her current owner saw her photo on a petfinder site and knew she had to have her. She purchased her from an animal rescue organization called Underground Rescue.

The joyful part of watching this contest is seeing how much the owners love their pets despite their unusual looks. It’s also easy to tell the feeling is reciprocated.

So should physical appearance be a major factor when choosing a dog?

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Many people have brought home a dog for no other reason than, “He was so cute,” or “She’s so adorable.”

While these thoughts are the absolute truth, they are not the reason for choosing a pet.

How important is a dog’s looks when adding a pet to your family?

While most people will gravitate towards a cute dog, there are some practical factors to consider concerning a dog’s physical appearance:

The Potential Zize of the Gog when it’s Grown.

If you live in a small place you might not have adequate room for a dog that will weigh over a 100 pounds when grown. A small dog can wreak havoc running through a small apartment. A large dog running through the same space can be catastrophic.

You’ll have to be able to take the dog for walks and to the vet. Consider what kind of problems can occur if you’re not physically able to lift your dog. If you do choose a large dog, make sure you train him when he’s young so you can control him once he’s grown to his full size.

There are people who have adopted or bought a sweet little puppy and then can’t deal with him once he’s grown into a large dog. Take this into consideration in the beginning before your family is attached to him and he to you.

If you have small children, then a medium size dog is often a better choice than a small toy size dog. The child can harm a small dog just by hugging him too tightly or pushing him off a couch accidentally. A larger, sturdier dog might be a good idea.

How Much He’ll Shed

Some dogs simply shed more than others. Large, long-haired dogs are usually the worst but they’re not alone in their shedding.

While no dogs are completely hypo-allergenic, it’s true there are dogs such as poodles that shed less than other dogs.

If the shedding is annoying to you or if someone in your home is allergic, this is good thing to think about in advance.

 Visit Your Local Shelter

Loving dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Remember when you’re walking through a shelter that it’s the “attractive” dogs that are going to be chosen first.

If you see an unusual looking dog, you should consider giving him a chance. Spend some time with him out of his crate.

You might find the most loving dog is not the most beautiful and could become the best friend you’ve ever had. And don’t worry, he won’t judge you if you’re not the most gorgeous owner in the world. To him, you’ll always be beautiful.

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