Have you ever see a blue husky?

In October, a strange–looking patient showed up in the Galapagos Islands’ local veterinary clinic.

Social media manager Zoe Hawthorne–Loizeaux of the Darwin Animal Doctors said in a Facebook post that a volunteer arrived in the clinic with an uncanny look claiming that a blue puppy was waiting outside the clinic.

Unsure what was meant, they asked if the puppy had blue eyes or blue tongue.  Or maybe a new dog breed that’s blue in color.  But the answer was no.

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In order to uncover the mystery, they all went out and waiting for them? A puppy that was painted blue.

The blue husky, named Taylor, was brought to the clinic by her owner not because of the blue paint but because of her appetite loss and depression.  But the clinic staff knew that her symptoms were connected to the paint.

“Taylor was playing with blue paint mix before she was found by her furdad completely blue and throwing up paint”, said Tom Emko, Darwin Animal Doctors’ President in an interview with The Dodo.  So even if the pup is named Taylor, the clinic nicknamed her Smurf, added Emko.

The team was concerned that Taylor was not brought in to the clinic until after two days of the blue paint incidence occurring.  Though it will be helpful if anyone knew what specific paint kind it was, it was never meant for ingestion.

Medications were prescribed to aide in Smurf’s recuperation.  Her family was also advised to shower her gently and wash her as often as necessary in order to take off all the paint instead of repeatedly shampooing her.

Taylor returned to the clinic couple of days after for her succeeding tests and all the staff were simply amazed by her swift recovery.

“Smurf is now Taylor again.  She has passed her physicals with flying blue colors and everyone took pictures with her”, Emko.

Photo Credits: Darwin Animal Doctors via The Dodo

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