Imagine this scene…a normal game at the soccer field.

Juventud Unida and Defensores de Belgrano in Argentina’s third division are competing. In the middle of the game a player kicks the ball towards the Belgrano goalie. The goalie blocks the ball – but it hits another player’s back and comes whizzing back towards the now unguarded goal. Juventud is about to gain a point. The goalie is going to lose a point for his team and gain a big embarrassing moment for himself.

Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a dog appears and blocks the ball saving the goalie from some humiliation. Watch the amazing video below.

But who is this dog?

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Did he belong to a devoted fan? One of the team members? A staff member at the park?

No one knows!

He came out of nowhere, made the greatest soccer play of the game, and then disappeared.

Unfortunately, even after this fortuitous event Belgrano still lost the game 3 to 0.

But they are still the only team that can claim a mystery dog as a team member. What would make a dog want to run into the middle of an ongoing game?

Sporting dogs

Many dogs are considered sporting dogs. They are even classified as such by the AKC. These breeds include most spaniels and retrievers. Obviously, this particular sporting mystery dog couldn’t resist the draw of a good ball game.

Would this type of dog be a good fit for your family? It depends.

Caring for a Sporting Dog

If you own one of these dogs you’ll have a companion who can jog with you, and not only keep up, but you may struggle to keep up with him. He’ll run alongside your bike and he’ll always be ready for a game of fetch or catching a Frisbee.

They are also great companions on any hunting, fishing or camping trip. If trained correctly, they can even help you flush out your prey or retrieve it for you.

However, don’t buy a high energy sporting dog if you’re a low energy couch potato.
You don’t want to leave one of these dogs cooped up inside your house for long periods of time with no exercise. He’ll use all that energy finding destructive things to do that you won’t like.

But be careful if you take him to a soccer game and hold his leash tight. You may get kicked out of the park if your dog takes over for the players.
Read the full story of the mystery dog here:

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