Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Review: For Dogs Who Eat Too Fast

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl ReviewThey may look a little odd, but the design serves a very important purpose for dogs who eat too fast. Since eating too fast can be very dangerous for dogs (more info below), the goal is to slow their eating down and this slow feeder dog bowl design helps them do that.

Product Overview and The Dangers of a Dog Eating Too Fast:

It's very common for dogs who love their food to eat it so fast it's gone in a minute or two, but it's actually a potentially very dangerous situation.

The first obvious danger for a dog that eats too fast is gagging, choking and vomiting.

It can also cause a more serious condition called Gastric Dilation or more commonly known as canine bloat. In this condition, the stomach or intestines expand with gas and can twist and even rupture.

It's actually extremely difficult to train a dog to eat more slowly, but you could try hand feeding. Of course, that is quite time consuming and quite messy, but if you love dog drool on your hands, it might be an option.

But if you're a busy dog owner who wants an easy and inexpensive solution to your dog eating too fast, the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl is worth a try. It works by distributing foods in a puzzle, so that your dog cannot take large amounts of food at one time.

How Do Dogs Like the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

The cold hard truth here is that while owners love the product, dogs are not always as keen. Many dogs will take to the bowl right away as nothing will keep them from their food. Other dogs need time to get used to the bowl, so you may have to ease them into its use. And a small portion of dogs may never use the bowl at all, but if your dog eats too fast, it's definitely worth a try.

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Overall Thoughts and Reviews

This dog bowl is an excellent option for dog owners who are concerned about their dog's healthy and safety. It's inexpensive and a much easier solution than trying to hand feed or use other ineffective methods to slow your dog down when eating.

Where to Buy The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Because we enjoy this product so much and believe it provides a handy solution for dog owners, we offer the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl on our website here. You can also check out the various reviews to ensure you're making the best buying decision.

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