The Sweetest Pit Bull Adopted After 5 Years in a California Rescue Shelter

Seamus the Pit Bull received a Christmas miracle this year. After spending five of his nine years in a Fresno, California resuce shelter, he finally found his forever family.

A home for the Holidays!! Senior shelter dog, Seamus, finally finds his forever home just in time for Christmas after…

Posted by Fresno Bully Rescue on Sunday, December 22, 2019

Fresno Bully Rescue director, Brigette Booth, says they house 40 dogs and have many more in foster homes. She says they’re always excited to find good homes for their dogs but there were happy tears when Seamus finally got adopted. They had feared he would spend the rest of his life at the shelter.

The adoption came just in time because as Seamus aged, the cold weather in the winter and heat in the summer was becoming harder and harder on the senior dog.

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He will now enjoy a warm home during the coming winter and cool a/c in the hot summer. Along with the love and attention only a family can give.

Workers at the shelter said Seamus will be fondly remembered for his love of donut holes, his habit of taking his time on his walks, and the way he always grabbed a new toy from the crate on his way back to his kennel.

Ms. Booth says this is a reminder that many overlooked shelter dogs still need to find their perfect home. Even if they’re older or have special needs they still need love and care and are willing to reciprocate with the same.

If you have questions about adopting a shelter dog just visit your local rescue or Humane Society and find out what is required. An interview is usually required and an adoption fee.

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