Which Human Foods are Safe for Dogs?

We’ve all read the list of which foods dogs should not eat. Chocolate, avocadoes, onion and anything with artificial sweeteners usually tops the list. Next, is the list of plants such as aloe vera and poinsettias that can be dangerous for dogs.

But rarely do you hear which human foods are safe for dogs.

Dog Begging for Food

Here are a few human treats that are not only fun, but good for your dog:

Peanut Butter. Not only do dogs love this treat but it’s full of protein, vitamins E and B, and healthy fats. There are toys specifically made where you can add a tablespoon or two of peanut butter in the middle. Your dog will spend a lot of time making sure he’s managed to eat every drop. Trainers often used peanut butter as treat for following instructions. Choose natural, unsweetened peanut butter and do note that a lot of peanut butter is sweetened with xylitol, which is actually dangerous for dogs.

Carrots. Both cooked and raw carrots are a good source of fiber and Vitamin A. They are filling but low in calories which make them a good treat for dogs, and their owners, who have a few extra pounds on them.

Cooked eggs. Dogs love scrambled eggs but don’t add salt and pepper. Eggs can help calm an upset stomach when your pet has digestive issues.

Salmon. This fish is high in Omega – 3 fatty acids. It can be fed to your dog cooked, without any seasoning, or by way of capsules. Do not give your dog raw salmon.

Green beans. Like other vegetables these are high in fiber and low in calorie. They are a good food for dogs needing to lose some weight.

Yogurt. This food provides a lot of protein for your dog. Greek yogurt without lots of added sugar is best.

Chicken. Both cooked and raw chicken can be fed to dogs. However, cooked chicken bones become brittle and can cause your dog to chock so remove all bones. Raw bones are not considered dangerous because they won’t splinter. This is a good source of protein.

Foods dogs can eat in moderation:

Cheese. Dogs love this food whether Cheddar or Havarti but it’s high in fat and not a food your pet should eat often. Some dogs, like people, are lactose intolerant and any dairy product will cause them digestive problems.

Watermelon. This can be a great summer treat for you dog, but don’t give him too much.

Give your dog new foods one at a time. Then, if they have a digestive problem, you’ll know which food was the culprit.

Each dog is unique the same as each person. One dog may be able to eat a certain food and have no problems while another may suffer digestive problems. Only add one new food to your dog’s diet one at a time. If there is a problem, then you’ll know that food doesn’t agree with your dog’s tummy.

Remember, human food should be an occasional treat for your dog, not a part of his everyday diet.

Dog Wants Human Food

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