How to Help Rescue Dogs While Quarantined

It’s hard to believe that the world as we know it has shut down in this Covid-19 pandemic. Restaurants have closed their dining rooms, schools have sent the children home and told them not to return until further notice, churches are live streaming their services on Facebook, and you can only show up for work if your job is considered essential.

How to Help Rescue Dogs During Quarantine - Covid-19

Suddenly, a large portion of the world is finding out what it’s like to spend time at home 24/7. And many are freaking out.

Even introverts who normally love their time at home are discovering that wanting to stay home is one thing, but being forced to stay home is another situation entirely. Suddenly, even the most anti-social people among us are wishing they could go out to dinner or a movie.

But even in dark times, there are ways to make things better both for ourselves and for others.

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Quarantine is Temporary: Don't Make a Permanent Choice about a Rescue Dog, Unless You're Prepared

The Worcester Animal Rescue League in Massachusetts has found a way to accomplish this goal. They are encouraging those who are feeling lonely during their quarantine to foster a rescue dog.

Looking for a quarantine companion? During these uncertain times, in an effort to prepare the shelter to help as many…

Posted by Worcester Animal Rescue League on Monday, March 16, 2020

Many people may have considered fostering a dog in the past, but felt they weren’t home enough to give the dog the time and attention he needed. This has all changed.

The Benefits of Fostering a Dog: For You and the Dog

Fostering gives the dog a much needed break from shelter life and allows him the chance to learn how to adapt to life in a real home. In the long run, this increases their chances of being adopted.

Think about it, while sitting on your couch binge watching Netflix, you have a happy fur baby at your side. If you venture out for a short walk, he’ll be right beside you. When you’re on your laptop his head will be on your arm, making in nearly impossible to type.

Studies have shown that having a dog often helps people suffering from anxiety and depression.

You may enjoy his company so much, you want to stop fostering and adopt your new friend. When you return to work he’ll already be adapted to his new home.

This is also a good opportunity for your children to use some of their free from school time helping a lonely pet.

Get Started by Calling Your Local Shelter or Rescue Organization

But don’t worry, you don’t have to travel to Massachusetts to foster a dog. Call your local shelter and they’ll be happy to explain their foster program, how to qualify and what dogs are currently available.

Sadly, many people have an irrational fear that their pet can pass on the Coronavirus so shelters are more crowded than ever. This will only get worse as many families struggle with extreme financial problems. Now is the perfect opportunity to step up and foster or adopt a pet.

Use this time of being stuck at home to help a rescue dog learn what being a part of a family means.

In the middle of one of the world’s worst scenarios, you might find your best friend.



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