What are the Most Popular Dog Breeds?

Choosing a dog is an important decision. This animal will become part of your family. While some people enjoy bringing home a mutt and seeing how he turns out – others want to know what their puppy will look like when he an adult. This usually requires getting a dog of a specific breed, either from a breeder, as a rescue, etc.

But which breeds are the most popular and why?

You’ll find many articles listing the most popular breeds. These lists vary from location to location and depending on the publication.

This list is from the AKC – American Kennel Club’s annual list.

1. Labradors


This is a friendly, outgoing breed that works well with families with children. Adult dogs are medium to large in size.

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These dogs were originally fishing dogs and they still love the outdoors and are the perfect companion for hunters and fishermen. They are still considered sporting dogs and have lots of energy to run and play Frisbee. If you’re looking for a lap dog who is content to stay indoors all day this probably isn’t a good choice for you.

Labs are intelligent dogs and easy to train. They generally get along well with other pets.

2. German Shepherds

German Shepherd

These loyal dogs make great watch dogs. Adults usually average 75 pounds. They are highly intelligent and courageous. It’s often said that a German Shepherd would put his life on the line for his owner. They are working dogs who can be trained for many tasks.

Because of their physical abilities, these are ideal dogs for someone who wants to do advance agility training with their dog. They’re also a good choice for a runner who wants a dog who can keep up with him.

3. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever

The first thing you notice about these dogs are their beauty. Their long haired golden coats are lovely but do require lots of brushing.

They are loyal and loving not only to their family, but usually everyone they meet.

Golden retrievers are considered one of the smartest dogs so they are easy to train. But because they are so smart, it’s important to be consistent and firm with their training. Otherwise, they’ll figure out their own ways to entertain themselves.

These high energy dogs love to play and fetch so be prepared to spend time with them outside.

4. French Bulldogs

French Bulldog

Despite their somewhat gloomy expression, they dogs are loyal and friendly. They are small to medium in size and are popular with city dwellers.

They usually get along well with people and other pets.

Their short fur is easy to care for and their large expressive eyes win over the hearts of their owners. They can be stubborn so training needs to be consistent.

They love to play fetch but as they grow older will be content without a lot of exercise. They are seldom excessive barkers.

5. Bulldogs

Bulldogs Puppies

These dogs, with their distinct appearance and awkward gait, are loyal companion and usually friendly to everyone. They do well with other pets. They are also good with children due to their laid back temperament.

They love attention and will probably try to climb into your lap despite their fifty pound size.

With their short snout they sometimes experience breathing problems so they don’t do well in excessive heat and humidity. They need to be fed quality food and exercised regularly to avoid becoming overweight.

Though these breeds are popular for many reasons, remember that each dog has their own personality which may be different than expected with that breed.

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