Man Visits Dumpsters Every Single Day To Save Abandoned Puppies

There are thousands of dogs that are being abandoned every day. Good thing, some shelters, and rescuers are willing to help. They aim to give abandoned dogs a new home that will never leave them.

In Greece alone, over 1 million stray dogs are roaming around! The country rarely practices spaying or neutering, which is why there are countless accidental litters. Just imagine how many adorable puppies live without a home.

You choosed his name to be Tapper ! Tapper is 2 years old and he was a very scared stray dog …Διαλέξατε το όνομα του να είναι Tapper! O Tapper είναι 2 χρονών και ήταν ένα φοβικό αδέσποτο …

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Takis, a man from Greece, is fully aware of this fact. His love for dogs is immeasurable. That’s why he started to rescue dogs one by one. Later on, he decided to put up his own shelter.

He wanted to change stray dogs’ life. Every single day he goes to the dumpsters to pick up abandoned puppies. There, he can find numbers of puppies every day. He also visits isolated areas to check if there’s more.

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Beautiful dogs are looking for a home. Υπέροχα σκυλιά ψάχνουν για σπίτι.

Posted by Takis Shelter non profit organisation on Saturday, March 2, 2019


People would throw dogs in the dumpster since it’s far from the city. Takis feels for these dogs who have been thrown away like trash. He brings all these dogs to his sanctuary where they can have a safe and happy life.

The dogs are all given a warm place to rest and food to eat. And most of all, Takis and all the people from the shelter shower these dogs with love and attention.

Posted by Takis Shelter non profit organisation on Thursday, December 13, 2018


Faith is just one of the dogs that Takis rescued. She has always shown her motherly instinct. She usually takes care of the new puppies. She’s very responsible towards new rescued pups.

The shelter makes sure that the puppies are healthy and ready for adoption. After that, they find them a new home, so they can be loved. Takis gets overwhelmed to see them very excited to meet their new family. Now, Takis has saved 500 dogs in total. This makes all his effort worth it.

Credit: Takis Shelter non profit organisation

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