Cool Dog Names for Your Newest Furry Family Member

You’ve brought your adorable new puppy home and you’re thrilled with your choice. Everyone loves him and you know, once he’s housebroken, he’s going to be a great addition to the family.

But you can only say…“Here puppy, ” “Let’s go, puppy, ” and “Time for bed, puppy” for so long.

He needs a name and here's a list of cool dog names and maybe even some edgy names for dogs. You probably don’t want to use any cliché names, though. No Spot or Fido. No Max or Sam or any of the other overused names you’ll hear at the dog park. You don’t want to yell, “Here Sam!” and have fifteen dogs bounding your direction.

So how do you come up with something unique? Something cool?

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Cool Dog Names


Watch your dog for a day or two and a name might pop out at you based on his actions.

Boozer for a dog who can’t hold his licker.

Hannibal for a dog who’ll eat anything.

Miley for a dog who comes in like a wrecking ball.

If you have a yappy dog who can’t be quiet, you could name him after your least favorite politician. Though that might get you a few evil stares.

Your imagination is your only limit to how you can match your dog’s personality with the perfect name. Remember to get your kids involved. Their imaginations are still in full throttle.

Physical Characteristics

If your dog has blue eyes maybe you should pay tribute to “Ole Blue eyes” with the name Sinatra.

If your dog’s a runner Cheetah might be perfect.

A short legged Dashund is an easy choice for Shorty.

Or consider doing the opposite of what people might think. A small Yorkie called Killer or a St. Bernard called Tiny.

Musical Names

You might want to name your dog after one of your favorite bands or singers. He’ll probably be the only Led Zeppelin or Bono at the park. If you have a teenage daughter you might end up with a Bieber.

Sports Heroes

Sports fans might choose DiMaggio, LeBron, Kareem or Kobe.

Literary Names

The choices are endless in this area. Maybe you have a favorite book and want to honor your dog with a character’s name.


All good choices. You can find more literary suggestions here.

Bible Names

A throwback to your days in Sunday School can produce some usual choices:

Methuselah, Nebuchadnezzar, or if you have three dogs even Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego.

They don’t roll off the tongue but your chances of running into another dog with the same name are slim.

A more spiritual minded person might choose something like, Angel, Joy, or Patience.

Get Edgy

On the opposite side of the spectrum. Some people choose edgy names for dogs and call their dogs swear words. Though it might be unique, it won’t win you points at the park when children are around.

Couple Names

If you get two dogs at the same time you can always go with couple names such as:

Salt and Pepper
Bonny and Clyde
Sonny and Cher

But be careful, who wants to be stuck with two dogs called, Brad and Jennifer. Or Brad and Angelina.

Whatever you choose to name your dog, whether it’s Bozo or Attila, he’ll always be the coolest dog to you and your family.

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Melissa is a dog lover who enjoys sharing smart dog tips, inspirational stories and the joy that dogs bring. Follow us on social media for even more dog fun!


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