We know that dogs make great pets. Many people think the best pet. But some dogs do not live a life of leisure, they go to work and fill important roles. They’ve got jobs for dogs and here are just some of them.

Health Support Dogs:

Jobs for Dog - Service Dog

Seeing eye dogs have been providing a service for seeing impaired people for many years. But there are now many other health problems that dogs can help with.

Diabetics: When a diabetics sugar level drops it can quickly become a death threatening event. Dogs are trained to sense when a person’s glucose level is low by the smell of their breath. They can awaken a sleeping person so they can take quickly take action, drinking juice or eating glucose tablets, preventing the person from a coma and potentially death.

Epileptics: Dogs are trained to sense when a person is about to have a seizure. This can assure the  person lies down so they don’t risk a fall and have time to call for assistance.

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Some dogs have any detected cancer in their owners.

Therapy Dogs

A bad day when you’re feeling down can be helped by the visit of a friendly dog. They can assist those facing stressful situations.

Therapy Dog - Dogs with Jobs

These visits include places such as:

Pediatric wards of hospitals

Centers for the elderly or disabled

Homes for Veterans

Police Dogs

Police Dog - Dogs with Jobs

A dog’s sense of smell is one of the reasons they are useful as police dogs. They can sniff out drugs in luggage or school lockers. They can find explosives hidden in bags. And when things get tough, the can attack or chase down criminals. When a German Shepherd bites, it’s with enough force to break any human bone.

Security System

Guard Dog - Dog Job

Though not an official job, many people buy dogs to act as guard dogs. A dog hears noises at night long before human ears would. They then alert their owners. Plus, their barking is often enough to scare off prowlers. Even small yappy dogs can make good alarm systems.

Women who like to run or walk often feel more secure with a dog by their side. Dogs will go to extreme measures to keep their owners safe.


Believe it or not, there are dogs who have made names for themselves as artists raising money for dog shelters and other charitable causes.

Watch Sammy in the video below

Sports Mascot

If you don’t believe this is a real job, just talk to UGA the bulldog. He has been the symbol for the University of Georgia’s football team, the bulldogs since 1956. Though a number of dogs have represented UGA they have all been from the same line of English Bulldogs owned by Sonny Seiler.

UGA Bulldog - Jobs for Dogs

Rescue Dogs

These dogs are relied on after natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes or an avanlance. With their keen sense of smell they assist in rescue and recovery missions. They also help find the bodies of missing people.

Personal Trainer

It’s easy to blow off your exercise goals, until you see your dog sitting by the door looking at you – waiting for his walk. Studies show that people with dogs walk more often, walk faster, and even longer. Dogs have been performing this job for their humans for many years.

Super Stars

Jobs for Dogs - Actor

From Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, all the way to movies like “Marley and Me” and “A Dog’s Purpose;” dogs have proven they are natural actors and born stars.

Best Friend

Dogs are trained for and good at many different jobs. But the one they’ll always be known for is man’s best friend. When you come home after a hard day nothing is better than feeling your dog’s unconditional love for you.

Dogs can do many useful jobs as well as being adorable.

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