How To Prepare Your Dog For The Rainy Days

Picture this: You are self-professed lover of rainy days. There’s something about them you find romantic. You like the sound they bring. You like the scents they create. You like the feelings of nostalgia they trigger. Put simply, you cannot wait for them to come and you do not wish for them to stop.

But there’s one problem; your dog does not feel the same about rainy days the way you do.

Preparing Your Dog for Rainy Days

Here you must concede to your canine companion. After all, rainfalls have various effects to them and it’s quite understandable if they can’t find anything to adore about this weather condition.

And since rainfalls are not something you can control, at the very least you must adequately prepare your pup for when they come.

Have enough toys to keep your pup busy come rainy days

No matter how eager you are to take your dog out for walks under the rain, if they are afraid of downpours, chances are you cannot force them to venture out and beyond the door. This goes without saying that they still need their exercise.

Stock up on toys that are enough to make your dog active indoors. More importantly, devote ample time for indoor bonding with your pup.

Stock up on canine comfort products

If you think thunderstorms are too loud, imagine having the kind of ears your dog is equipped with. Such is enough for you to change your mind about your adoration of rainy days and thunderstorms.

Remember that dogs’ auditory senses are almost bionic and in cases of thunderstorms, they suffer from a barrage of noises enough to give them anxiety. To combat canine anxiety, you can use a diffuser infused with chamomile, lavender, or other soothing essential oils.

You might also want to shop for dog raincoats and vests which are enough to comfort your pet when there’s a heavy downpour.

Shop for an organic dog deodorant

This rainfall preparation is more for your sake than for your dog’s. It has been settled that wet dogs, especially dogs wet from rainfall, smell funny. This is because during rainy days, all the moisture in the air traps all kinds of smells. The same goes for all the moisture in your dog’s coat.

So if you do not want to get assaulted by your pup’s puppy smell, a dog deo should be a staple of your doggy supplies.


Make sure you have a comfortable nook for your dog

Dogs are distressed not only by the sound rainfalls bring. They are also distressed by the electric static they produce. Electric static can easily affect their coat and send their bodies in mild shocks. Vests and jackets for dogs can combat this. That on top of having a perfect nook in the house to where your pup can retreat come thunderstorms.

Yes, there is so much to love about the rain, about thunderstorms. And no one is saying you must change the way you feel about them. But you cannot blame your canine companion if they won’t share your enthusiasm for this natural phenomenon. For most of them, rainfall and thunderstorm can prove stressful.

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