How to Make Dog-Friendly Tacos

How to Make Dog-Friendly Tacos

Poor pup, but all is not lost because you can make homemade dog-friendly tacos any day of the week.

Of course, they might not look exactly look like tacos, but your dog doesn't care.

You could use a peeled sweet potato and shape the flesh into small shells/bowls using a cupcake tin or ramekin, as suggested in this dog taco recipe from If your dog has never had sweet potato,  just give him a very small amount to see if he digests it well. But sweet potatoes are a healthy source of dietary fibre and have vitamins A, B6 and C.

As far as tortillas go, a sweet potato is a healthier choice, but if you're going to give a tortilla, do not give chips or a fried shell as those contain unnecessary oils. You can give a soft flour or corn tortilla in moderation, as long as your dog digests it well.

And of course, your dog can't have the regular seasonings of taco meat. Just cook the ground beef, drain the fat and serve. Ground beef is full of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins and is good for your dog. If you're cooking tacos for yourself, just take a portion of the ground beef to cook separately for your furry family member.

You can also include veggies like zucchini, carrot, green beans and mushrooms. Just grate or chop into fine pieces and add raw. Or you could saute the vegetables into the cooked meat. Do not serve onions, garlic, avocado or salsa.

And of course, dogs love cheese…so add a little shredded cheese. Your dog is going to be so happy!

NOTE – This is meant to be a treat for your dog. Not a full meal or a frequent offering. But there is no reason you're dog can't try out Taco Tuesday once in a while.

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