Adopting and owning a dog is considered a very serious life decision so it's best to take your time doing so. Are you ready to deal with everything that comes with owning a dog? What breed of canine should you consider bringing to your home? If you are one hundred percent committed and ready to own a pet and you understand what it takes then it's time to choose the breed.

The first consideration a future owner must make is taking a look at their lifestyle. Are you active? Do you have kids? Do you work out of home a lot? These all play a crucial role in your decision as different dogs are suited for different living conditions and owner habits. You don't want to adopt a pet only to neglect their needs. So take a hard look at what's going on in your life right now.

Another consideration to make is the dog's age, size, and level of stamina. Pets require the commitment from you. You don't buy one only to just cage them and feed them. Different breeds have different needs. Here are tips on how you can better select the right breed for you.

Choosing based on size

Decide whether you want a small dog which you can easily carry or if you're a fan of mingling with giant dogs. Perhaps you prefer what most people prefer, which is the averagely sized pooch.

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If you're going to adopt a small dog keep in mind how fragile and vulnerable they are. You have to make sure they are not ignored or stepped on. Tiny dogs are also prone to being cold so you need have ways to keep them warm during low-temperature scenarios. During obedience training, you need to be more assertive and in control since small dogs can be stubborn to train.

Large dogs, on the other hand, require a lot of space to move around, keeping them in small tight households might cause accidents and injuries. Aso, you need to prepare a lot of dog supplies for them. The larger the dog the more you are going to spend on their food and other amenities.

Choosing based on how active they are

A dog's activity level can be determined based on its breed but there are also exceptions to this. One thing is surely important regardless of size or breed, it's that dogs need constant exercise. If you're the type who only goes out fo casual walks but not heavy cardio, consider dogs like the Basset Hound.

If you're the type who goes for long jogs and intense cardiovascular activities then you might want to get a breed similar to the Border Collie. Keep in mind that exercise also helps an overactive dog behave properly. If you find your dog constantly causing damage, it's best to tire them out with a walk or an activity.

Choosing based on physical maintenance

Dog grooming is a major aspect of dog ownership. So it's important to think about how much time, effort, and money you're going to spend on taking care of a dog's looks.  For dogs who sport a long coat and tend to grow their hair fast you need to practice advance grooming methods.

Short-haired canine, on the other hand, requires you to go through a lot of cleaning since you can expect a lot of shedding. Prepare you grooming or cleaning tools before adopting a dog.

These are some basic guidelines and consideration when choosing what dog to adopt. Choose wisely.

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