Seriously Burned Hero Dog Guards Home

We always talk about the loyalty of the family dog. In rain or shine they are always there to protect their home and family.

A recent story from the Camp Fire in Northern California show that some dogs are even willing to face fire.

Ella's Burns Shown on the GofundMe Page

The Copsey family thought they would be safe from the fires. On the morning of November 8th, Leanha Copsey heard there was a small fire but she thought it would be confined and shut down quickly. But as the day progressed it got darker and scarier.

Late in the afternoon, Leanha went outside thinking it was raining. Instead she discovered ashes and charcoal were falling from the sky.

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She and her husband Mike gathered up their family of daughters Clarisa and Emma and made a quick escape from the rapidly approaching fires. In their panic and haste the family dog was left behind. They still had no idea how severe and widespread the damage would be in the end.

Feared the Worst for Their Dog

After hearing of the destruction of their neighborhood the family feared they’d lost Ella. The family mourned the loss of their beloved pet.

Happy Surprise

When others returned to the neighborhood two days later, they found only one house left standing. And guess who was there guarding the house? Ella had survived the fires and took up her role of protecting the only structure left standing.

The family was thrilled to hear of Ella’s miraculous survival.

Badly Burned

Sadly, Ella did sustain bad burns during this time.

Eldest daughter Kayla Westman, who is now caring for Ella, set up a GoFundMe page to help with the ongoing medical treatment. The GoFundMe is no longer active, presumably because they reached their fundraising goals or some other reasons.

Kayla says, “After going through the fire we are very lucky to have her back with us. And while vet bills have already been discounted for fire victims, it's still adding up quickly.

“Already spending $250, any little bit helps for the future visits we will be making.”

Ella’s paws were burnt badly and the GoFundMe page showed her heavily bandaged (photo below). But the family is hoping for a full recovery.

Truly, some dogs will go through hell and high water to help protect their homes. Even at the risk of their personal safety.

The GoFundMe for Ella is no longer active, as mentioned above. But the family still has a fundraiser to help rebuild their home here.

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