We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend. Turns out it’s not just man that dogs befriend.

In a an amazing story, a Golden Retriever named Ben in Ireland made friends with a dolphin named Duggie. They go for a swim together on a daily basis. Though it seems like the plot of a Disney cartoon, this is actually a true story.

It makes one wonder, does your dog need friends?

Are you hampering his social life by keeping him home with you all the time?

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This thought has encouraged dog parks to built to provide socialization for pets.

There are even doggie daycare centers.

Some pet owners set up play dates for their dogs.

Does your Dog Really Need Socialization?

It’s typical for dog owners to think that their dogs need the same types of interactions that humans do.

The truth is, most dogs are happy to be with their owners.

However, that being said, dogs love to have fun and play. So many will enjoy running and playing with other dogs. And maybe some dolphins. 😉 But in case there are no dolphins in your area, let's talk about socializing with other dogs.

What if Your Dog Hates Being Around Other Dogs?

There are some dogs that are anxious or even panic when around other dogs.

You can work with your dog to increase his tolerance of other dogs. Have a friend with a dog meet you at a park or another neutral place. If you meet at one dog’s house they will feel territorial in their own space.

Walk the dogs at a distance from each for awhile. Slowly bring the dogs closer walking in a parallel line. Do not walk them towards each other, face to face. When your dog gets upset move them apart again.

With time your dog may come to adjust to other dogs. At least, in controlled situations.

There are many benefits to helping your dog become comfortable with other dogs. It makes it easier when you go to the vet’s office or take your dog for a walk. It’s also important if you need to occasionally leave your dog at a kennel when you’re out of town.

Even if your dog improves, always keep him on a leash around other dogs to assure his safety and the other dog’s.

What if Your Dog Never Enjoys the Company of Other Dogs?

Dogs do not need socialization. It’s great if they enjoy their time with other dogs and it can make your life easier.

But it’s also fine if your dog would rather not be around other dogs. If your attempts at socialization don’t work, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll dog will be fine, even if he doesn’t have a dolphin or a dog for a best friend.

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