Dog Walks 20 Miles To Reach The Family That Abandoned Her

A cute little dog’s family left to move to a different home far away from the town. They left the poor scared pooch behind by herself because they were no longer able to take care of her at their new place.

The poor little dog missed her family very much that she tried to walk around 20 miles from her current home just to find the family that she really loves. She actually walked like this two times until a pet shelter named Seminole Humane Society rescued her.

The brave dog’s name was Cathleen. This courageous dog was loved by every member of her family, but when the time came for them to move out; they left her because they can’t keep her.

The family actually gave her to someone they trust near their original home in Prague so that she can be cared for. But after just a few months, Cathleen walked a distance of about 20 miles from Prague to Seminole just to find her real family. This happened two times

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The animal shelter noticed Cathleen and her unconditional love for her family. They decided to help her out after receiving the reports.

Cathleen is a very healthy mixed breed of Great Pyrenees and is already about 6 years of age. She is a very sweet and lovely and kind dog that really loves to play with kids.

She is extremely calm and very friendly with dogs like her. The dog shelter has now set her up for adoption, hoping that an equally kind and lovely family would take her and give her the love that she deserves.

After the dog shelter shared her heart-warming video, the internet instantly fell in love with her. And because of that Cathleen was able to find the right family for her.



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