How to Make a Dog Toy from Old T-Shirts

Dogs love their toys. They drag them around, fetch them when you throw them, and love to play tug of war with them. But eventually they wear out and need to be replaced.

Instead of rushing out to buy a new toy for your dog why not try this easy craft idea?

You know that bag of old clothes you have in the bottom of your closet? The one you keep thinking you’ll drop off at the Goodwill, but you keep forgetting. Well get it out and pull out a few old t-shirts.

This video shows you how to make a fun toy for your dog with the t-shirts. It doesn’t take that long and your dog will love their “new” toy.

This is also a good craft to do with older kids. It’s a little complicated for young children but there are steps of the project they could help out with.

The size of the toys can be adjusted depending on the size of your dog. The dogs in the video are large so the toys are huge. Your chihuahua probably couldn’t drag it across the floor. So adjust as needed, using fewer strips of cloth.


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