On December 15, a Wauwatosa, Wisconsin couple were sleeping soundly in their beds. They lived in a safe neighborhood, had recently installed a security system, so they had no reason to worry.

During the night their six year old Australian Shepherd, named Oliver, started barking. When the barking continued and got louder they went downstairs so see what was going on.

Turns out Oliver had just chased off a home intruder.

Watching the Video

When Emily Kukuk and Jake Borzym watched the video from their security camera, they discovered Oliver was a true hero.

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The tape showed an intruder wandering through their home. He picked up presents from under the tree like a curious child.

After a few minutes Oliver could stand it no longer. He lunged at the burglar chasing him out of the home with a ferocious sounding growl.

Small Losses

Thanks to Oliver’s bravery the family lost a few credit cards and a hoodie. The loss would have been much worse if the intruder had been left alone to continue to sort through the family’s Christmas presents and other possessions.

Usually a Friendly Dog

The family were surprised by Oliver’s reaction because he’s usually so friendly.

They’ve had him since he was a six week old puppy and think of him as their baby. He loves going to doggie daycare at Central Bark and playing with the other dogs.

Oliver normally greets all strangers with a lick and tail wag. But Oliver was not fooled. He sensed this guy was no friend of the family and should not be there. He took matters into his own paws and got rid of him.

Christmas is Saved

Thanks to Oliver Christmas was saved at this home in Wauwatosa. They could have gotten up the next morning to find all their Christmas presents missing along with other possessions.

But thanks to Oliver’s vigilante guard duty and good judge of character, the burglar was sent packing with little to show for his bumbling antics.

Oliver’s owners plan on making this an extra special Christmas for their heroic dog including his favorite snack, vanilla custard.

When it comes to protecting your family, no matter how much high-tech security you have, nothing beats a loyal guard dog.

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