This Dog's Smile Helped In Getting Her Rescued

Do you know anyone who continues to smile despite being in a bad situation? I'm sure we all know a person or two. How about a dog? Believe it or not, there are dogs who have a natural smile. The way their face curves make it seem like they are smiling all the time, even in stressful situations.

Meet Shortcake the pit bull. This dog has a beautiful smile. It's also the reason why she got adopted. In the video, you are about to watch you'll see a certain message intended for Shortcake.

Shortcake always has the biggest smile. Even when she was in the shelter the smile never went away. Someone saw her picture online, and they fell in love with her smile. That person even drove to meet her as soon as she can.

In the video, we can see how comfortable the two people are when meeting Shortcake for the first time. This dog is very friendly and warm towards guests and potential adopters. Shortcake quickly got adopted and became the third wheel of a wonderful couple.

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Shortcake would go wherever the couple would go. She would even be carried in a backpack and she would smile all the time. They would take her to the beach where she would fetch balls in the water. They would even bring her to their office.

The owner's say that Shortcake improves their productivity. Lady Shortcake loves car rides too. You can see her big smile while she's in the car. This dog loves hanging out on the sofa as well. She prefers to be tickled in the chin while relaxing.

The owners mention that Shortcake hates napkins. She likes to chew on them and remove them from the table. This pit bull is also a great babysitter. May Shortcake never stop smiling.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube 

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