When tragedy strikes, it is usually the humans that are saved first. Sometimes, families are forced to leave their pets behind to protect themselves. It is very fortunate that there are organizations that are committed to protecting as many animals as they could.

Soshi's home was one of the houses that got flooded during a strong storm. She was left alone at home as the family was unable to come back because of the devastation. To keep herself alive, she sat on top of a couch and stayed there until help arrived.

Helped arrived after a week. The rescuers tried to break down the door, which was a challenge because there was still a lot of water in the area. They were able to open the door a little bit, but it was not enough to get the dog out.

The rescuers tried again and this time was able to open the door big enough for one of them to get inside the house and get the dog. After rescuing her, they fed her, and one can see how hungry she was.

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After seven days of uncertainty and hunger, this dog is now safe and comfortable. Her owner even asked a friend to get her. Her owners were distraught that they were unable to get her during the storm but are very thankful for the Humane Society for the rescue.

The organization has gone through lengths to save as many animals as they could. Soshi is just one of the animals that benefited from this organization's work. If not for them, Soshi would still be floating inside the house on a couch.

Now, Soshi gets to be with her family again. After everything that she has been through, she deserves a warm bed and a warm hug from someone who loves her.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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