How to Clean Your Dog's Ears and Take Care of Them

Keeping their dog happy and healthy is important to pet lovers. But sometimes it’s tricky to know everything that needs to be done. One thing to be aware of is how to clean your dog's ears.

Some breeds such as the long haired Cocker Spaniel are more apt to have ear problems. A dog who has erect ears usually fare better. The exception is the German Shepherd who often have ear problems.

If your dog swims and gets water in his ears it also increases the chances of ear infections.

Ways to Check Your Dogs Ears…

How to Clean and Care for Your Dog's Ears

Rubbing his Ears

Most of us love to rub our dog’s ears. What you might not know is this is a good test to your dog’s ear health. Normally your dog will love having his ears rubbed, but if he whines or moves away from your touch it may be the first indication of an ear problem.

Looking Inside

Gently pull the ear back and look down the canal. This is trickier with a dog with lots of fur. You’ll need to pull any hair out of ear to be able to see into the ear. It helps to have someone else hold the dog.

See if there is any redness.

You also want to look for wax and debris. Be very careful about poking anything in your dog’s ear because it is easy to cause damage.

If you see ear mites you need to take your dog to the vet. This will not resolve itself on its own.


Yes, smell the ear. A bad small can indicate an infection.

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

Once a week is usually enough to clean most dog’s ears. Dip a cotton ball into some ear cleaning solution and then gently wipe around the ear.

If your vet suggestions it, you might want to do an ear irrigation.

Get a solution from your vet or pet store. Pour or squeeze some into the dog’s ear. Then massage under the ear until the solution moves down the ear canal. Dog’s usually enjoy this massaging.

Then take a cotton ball and gently wipe the ear. Your dog will not like this so it might help to have one person hold while another wipes. Never stick anything, even a Q-tip into the ear because ear drums are easily punctured.

Watch for Signs of Problems

If your dog is scratching at his ears or acts like they’re in pain, you’ll need to have his ears checked. Ear problems can escalate quickly and be very painful so don’t put off taking him to the vet.

How to clean and care for your dog's ears needn't be complicated. Use the tips above and seek professional assistance where needed.

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