Most dogs get excited when an owner comes home after a long day.

But is it any different for a dog who is unable to see and hear?

Not for this 8-month old dog named Opal.

Opal is an adorable dog with merle patterns on her white coat, but her disabilities, being unable to hear and see, made her a little different.

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Opal had a hard life. Her disabilities are inborn, and it is highly likely that her inability to see and hear have all resulted from inbreeding.

Not only that, Opal was discovered as a stray by a dog rescue team in Idaho. She was wandering aimlessly in the streets and it appeared that she had spent most of her time in the past roaming the streets, unable to hear and see.

Fortunately, the team took the extra effort to rehome Opal. There were challenges that came with Opal’s special needs, but she was soon welcomed by Christina Bray and her husband in their home.

But Opal soon became an Internet sensation: when word came out that Opal could actually sense her dear human dad approaching their gate. She couldn’t hear nor see him, but she gets it right every single time.

What’s even fascinating is that she could tell if it’s really her dad’s car pulling up or just some neighbor’s car. She doesn’t seem to bother if it isn’t her pet parents.

The couple, and some netizens, could only speculate on what could be happening. Can Opal smell her dad from afar? Or is it through the vibrations she could “feel” on the ground whenever someone’s approaching?

Nonetheless, Opal is still a good dog – and it doesn’t matter if she couldn’t hear nor see; she could make up for what she lacks through her lively spirit and her good heart.

Not convinced? Check her video below, and see for yourself:

Source opalthedoublemerle via Instagram

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