There’s nothing more adorable than a baby and a dog becoming best friends.

That’s the story of Charlie and Laura caught on an inspiring video. Charlie has loved and taken care of Laura since his family brought her home as a baby.

It's a heartwarming story, that's for sure and you can see in the video that Laura's parents were always around…and were careful to watch the baby and dog together.

But Be Careful with Dogs and Babies Together

First, a baby and a puppy should never be left unsupervised, even for a few minutes.

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Babies and toddlers love to grab on tight to things, Momma’s earrings, Daddy’s mustache, big brother’s hair, and the dog’s tail. They have no idea they might be causing pain. They also can’t control their muscles yet so even when they want to let go it’s not always possible.

When a dog feels threatened or in danger he’ll react to protect himself. If they can’t get away they will snap. This is not the dog’s fault.

Some dogs will growl or bark as a warning. Don’t scold the dog or punish him for doing so. This is his way of letting you or your child know he’s had enough. It’s better that he growls as a warning as opposed to immediately biting.

A dog should always have a crate or a safe place he can return to when he’s done with people and needs a break. Don’t allow your child to bother the dog when he’s in his safe place.

Leaving a baby alone with a puppy is a bad idea. Also, neither puppies nor toddlers are known for their impulse control. They can get rambunctious and knock each other down or off of furniture without meaning to do so.

Children and Dogs Both Need to be Trained

Teach your child how to gently hold and pet your dog.

Explain why they should never bother the dog while he’s eating or try to take a bone or a treat away from a dog.

After your dog eats, always remove his food and put it away where neither the dog or your child can get to it.

Your children should understand they should never pet a strange dog without asking the owner’s permission first.

Children and pets can be great friends, but it’s up to you to train them both on caring, responsible behavior.


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