Why Adopting a Dog from a Shelter is Best

Bringing a pet into your home is an exciting time. You’re adding a new member to your family and you want to make the right choice.

Adopt a Dog

You could purchase a dog from a breeder or a pet store or you can adopt from a shelter.

What are the reasons for choosing to rescue a shelter dog? Here are a few.

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You’re saving a life

Not all humane societies and animal shelters have a no kill policy. When they get overcrowded they still euthanize dogs that for whatever reason have not been adopted in a certain amount of time. You can prevent this from happening by bringing a dog into your family.

You’re providing a better life

Even in no kill shelters, life is not ideal for the dogs who are staying there. They are fed and given a safe place to live, but their interaction with people is still limited. Though the staff and volunteers try to spend time with each animal, resources are limited. By bringing a dog home you’re giving him people to love him, play with him, and you’re making him a part of the family. No shelter can do that.

You’re probably getting a healthier dog

The current state of many puppy mills is deplorable, as well as some breeder facilities. When you buy a dog from a pet store you have no idea what kind of conditions he was born into or what he’s endured on his way to the store.

Though some stores offer a guarantee on your purchase, it simply means if the puppy dies you can get another puppy. But seeing your children get attached to a dog and then losing it to health problems is devastating. At that point, the thought of bringing another puppy home is not a good option. Avoid helping to promote the puppy mill trade.

While it’s true some rescues dogs have health problems many do not. They are treated by a veterinarian when they enter the shelter, caught up on their shots, and usually fixed.  If they have other health problems the shelter should inform you before you adopt.

Mixed breeds are healthier than pure breeds that have been overbred.

You can rescue an older dog and avoid puppy problems

Many shelter dogs are already housebroken. Older dogs are not as apt to want to chew on everything they find.

Puppies are also susceptible to Parvovirus which affects the intestines. It is the one of the worst health problems a dog can suffer from and often leads to death. Older dogs with more developed digestive systems are not prone to the illness.

You can better judge the dog’s personality

It’s often hard to tell what a puppy’s personality will turn out to be when he’s an adult. A shy puppy can become outgoing and friendly. A quiet dog can turn territorial and yappy.

An older dog has already developed his personality and you’ll know more what you’re getting. Spend some time with the dog and talk to the staff to ask their impressions of the dog.

Bringing a rescue dog into your home can be the source of countless memories and adventures for your family.

You can find a local rescue by googling: “yourtown dog shelter”, or “yourtown humane society”

Local Facebook groups will often share information about dog rescue organizations.

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