How We Help Support Dog Rescue and Adoption…And How You Can Help Too

We Support Dog Rescue

While Happy Dog Island is a virtual island with no set location, we imagine it as a wonderful place where all dogs are loved and cared for. They don't go hungry. There is no abuse. They just get to nap, play, get pet, have treats and bring joy to their humans all day long.

And we would love to see the real world reflect that same care for all dogs everywhere.

In support of that goal, our company, Happy Dog Island Store Inc., works to see as many dogs adopted as possible by providing resources, sharing stories and donating a portion of its profits to some of our favorite rescue organizations.

Here's how we help and how you can help too…

#1: Adoption Resources

If you're thinking of adopting a dog, visit our growing library of resources on adopting a dog and be sure to pick up our free “So You Want to Adopt a Dog” downloadable kit.

If you know someone who is thinking about adopting a dog, we would love it if you shared those links too. The more people we can reach, the more dogs can live in a real-world Happy Dog Island.

#2: Dog Stories

We love sharing rescue stories. Whether they're stories about how a dog got rescued or an amazing rescue dog being the hero that saved the day, we've got a lot of great stories we've already shared here and we're always adding more.

We'd also love to share YOUR story because the more we talk about these incredible dogs, the more others will be motivated to also adopt a dog. If you'd like us to feature your pup, please submit your story here.

#3: A Portion of our Profits Goes to Dog Rescue Organizations

But of course, we don't just talk about dog adoption and rescue, we help make it happen with the help of dog lovers like you. 5% of our profits are donated to top notch rescue organizations. If you'd like to purchase some awesome products that show your love of dogs AND support adoption at the same time, go here to see our store.

From all of us at Happy Dog Island, we thank you for your support in seeing happy dogs everywhere. After all, you can't buy love…but you can rescue it.

#4 You Can Help By Joining our Happy Dog Island Community and Get These Perks

We'd love to have you join our community of dog lovers. When you sign up, you'll receive:

  • A 20% off coupon for our store
  • A chance to win a $20 Gift Card (winner chosen by random draw on the 5 of the each month).
  • Our “So You Think You Want to Adopt a Dog” Kit in case you are thinking of rescuing a dog or know someone who is.
  • An invitation to our dog lovers group, so you can meet other Happy Dog Island Community Members
  • Regular updates on adoption stories, what's happening in our favorite rescue organizations, educational materials and more.

If you'd like to support in our goal, get special offers and hear more amazing dog stories, please enter your name and email address below and we'll stay in touch. And again, you'll instantly get that 20% off coupon AND your chance to win a $20 gift card.

Thanks for signing up for the Happy Dog Island Community. We look forward to keeping in touch!

Your friends at HappyDogIsland
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