A huge typhoon hit Jeju Island, and a lot of animals were separated from their families. This includes Heendoong who was separated from her puppies. She hid her puppies in the ditch, but when she came back, they were nowhere in sight.

When she was unable to find her children, Heendoong roamed the streets for two months. The streets that she has been roaming around in are not safe for any dog. She can get hit by a car anytime which makes it very dangerous for Heendoong.

This alone and lonely mother has been longing for her puppies for so long but has no way of locating them. Her only means of searching for them was to go back to the ditch every single day.

A team of rescuers was worried about the puppies, so the team rescued them about a month before. This time, they are trying to rescue the mother, but in at every sign of human presence, it would run away. The team has been trying for a while to no avail.

The team even brought together all her puppies to try to lure her, but it was unsuccessful. It seems that their scents have changed over the past month. The team called the only person that she does not run away from. This woman has been feeding Heendoong every day, so she was used to her presence.

They were still unable to capture her. The team set up a trap and was patient enough to wait until she gets inside to eat the bait food. The team was finally successful.

Heendoong was brought to the vet to get cleaned up and checked. Because of the rescue team's perseverance, Heendoong is now safe and out of the streets. She is also getting a new forever home.

She is being adopted by the woman who has been feeding her every day.

Source Kritter Klub via YouTube

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