How to Keep Your Dog from Barking When You're Not Home

Every pet owner likes to imagine that when they’re away from home their dog is napping peacefully on the couch. Or he’s looking out the window and happily basking in the sunshine. Ha but no, this article is going to show you how to keep your dog from barking when you're not home.

Unfortunately, some pet owners find that when they’re not home their dog is barking incessantly. They usually find this out from a disgruntled neighbor.

If you live in an apartment this can be especially worrisome. If your neighbors complain to the owner or manager it can only lead to trouble and perhaps needing to find a new place to live.

Dogs love their people so it’s understandable that they want to be with them all the time. Sadly, that is not possible.

Luckily there are a few possible solutions for dogs who freak out when they’re alone.

Ideas to Deal with Your Yappy Puppy

Make sure your dog is getting plenty of exercise. Take him for a walk right before you leave when possible.

Don’t make coming and going a big event. Leave casually without a lot of fanfare and do the same when you return.

Always make sure your dog has plenty of toys since boredom is one reason a dog barks. The kinds that are filled with peanut butter or treats can keep your dog entertained for a long time.

Leave the television on. He’ll feel less alone and the noise will help cover the sound of outside noises.

Try using a citronella collar. When your dog barks it will release a scent that is not pleasant. Your dog will learn to not bark to avoid the smell. It will not hurt your do or make him sick and the smell is not unpleasant to humans. These don’t work for all dogs, though. Some owners claim their dog loved the smell and other say their dogs need to bark was simply greater than their dislike of the smell.

Do not leave your dog crated for hours at a time. This will often increase his stress. Find a small contained area such as one room that’s gated and dog proofed.

Some people will suggest shock collars, but most owners find these inhumane and don’t wish to subject their dog to any pain.

Your vet may prescribe medication for an overly anxious dog, but that’s considered a last resort.

Teaching Your Dog You Will Return

Dogs are Happy Their Owner is Home

Some pet trainers suggest you leave your puppy for a few minutes and then return quickly. This will help, especially a young dog, learn that you’re not gone forever. You will return.

High Tech Remedies

You can purchase video cameras that allow you to hear and see your dog while you’re away, as well as speak to them. If your dog starts barking, talking to him in a calming manner will usually do the trick. When he hears your voice, all will be right with the world again.

More expensive cameras allow the dog to see you, as well as hear your voice.

Some of these dog cams even allow you to remotely give your dog a treat.

Get Help

If your dog cannot deal with being alone all day you might want to consider hiring a pet sitter to take him for a midday walk. The exercise fights boredom and helps calm his nerves. He’ll be more apt to rest until you get home.

When nothing else works, consider taking your dog to a doggy daycare where he can run and play with other dogs all day. If he’s a social creature this may make him happier than being home alone.

Remember, that barking is natural for a dog. Your goal should be to help reduce the anxiety or boredom that is causing inappropriate and excessive barking. And let you'll be able to keep your dog from barking when you're not home.

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