Dog Eats Too Fast? The Very Serious Danger to Know About

My Dog Eats Too Fast

5 PM comes and Max knows it's feeding time and does not hesitate to tell his owners about it.

His owners promptly feed their beloved pet.

5:01 and dinner is done.

It's a common scenario for dogs who love their food, but it's more dangerous than you may think. Please take a few moments to read this information because even though it's very unlikely, if your dog eats too fast, it can cause a very serious life-threatening condition. And of course, do share it with your fellow dog owners, so they are aware too.

The first obvious danger for a dog that eats too fast is gagging, choking and vomiting.

But it can also cause a more serious condition called Gastric Dilation or more commonly known as canine bloat. In this condition, the stomach or intestines expand with gas and can twist and even rupture.

How to Keep Your Dog from Eating Too Fast

Even the best dog trainers know, it's extremely difficult to train a dog to eat more slowly. But there are methods you can use to achieve slower eating.

One way, you can do this is by hand-feeding your dog, but obviously, that's very time consuming and very messy.

Another option is to use a slow-feeder like the one pictured below. It's a simple and inexpensive way to get your dog to eat much slower.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl to Stop Dogs Who Eat Too Fast

It works by distributing foods in a puzzle, so that your dog cannot take large amounts of food at one time. It's a simple and economical solution that will make sure your dog eats more slowly and can stay healthy.

Customer Slow Feeder Photos

As you can see, the dogs are unable to wolf down their meals, but need to eat smaller amounts and in general, take longer to complete their meal. We have to admit, dogs don't always like this new way of eating…but for their humans who are concerned about their dog's health, they are very satisfied with the results.

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