The Best Wiener and Dachshund Jokes

So we know everyone loves a good wiener and Dachshund jokes. I mean, who wouldn't get a kick out of this silly humor? So we posted to our community with one of our favorite jokes (you can find this one on a mug right here)…

Wiener Jokes - It's Been a Long Day, I Need My Wiener

…and asked our members to share their favorites too. They did not disappoint. Here are a few examples…

You Know You Love My Wiener

You know you love my wiener.

The Cowboy and His Dachshund

A Cowboy and His Wiener

I Wonder What the Wiener is Today?

What's the Wiener Like?

Always Wash Your Wiener

Always wash your wiener

Haha…we'd love to hear your favorite wiener joke too!

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