Adorable Bulldog Became Receiving End Of Baby’s Rants

Everybody gets giddy and excited the moment they hear a baby talking. It’s as if the mere act of talking becomes a cute act that everyone can’t resist. Even if it becomes a noisy banter later on, still a baby doing an adult thing is one of the sweetest sights to behold.

However, not everyone falls head-over-heels in love with baby talk. For the most part, they find it loud and a bit irritating to the ears. Add the high intonation of the voice, and such rant can become a recipe for disaster.

What did I do wrong, little brother?

We all know how dogs love their humans so much. All over the internet, we see how dogs can become an overprotective bodyguard over the babies. When their human siblings need a playmate, these pooches readily take on the role.

But, not all the time that our pooches love to become the receiving end of a baby’s angry babbling.

In a funny viral video, one can see a baby talking to their family bulldog. However, it looks like the baby isn’t the cute and sweet baby fawning over the dog. The baby is angry at something the bulldog did. So, he starts his angry outbursts at the dog.

Little brother, can you stop talking for a while?

The helpless dog didn’t have a clue as to what he did wrong. While the baby continued with his heated argument (complete with hand gestures as well to emphasize his point), the dog could only stare at the baby with an indifferent face.

But, it’s clear to see that the bulldog's already annoyed with the baby’s ranting.

As the heated conversation continues, the baby even points at the dog’s paws. Maybe he doesn’t want the dog on the couch after all.

Ahhh! I can’t take this anymore.

It seems nothing can stop the angry baby from continuing his tirade at the dog.

Now and then, the baby would take a breather and turn around. The hopeless dog couldn’t do a thing against his brother’s lecture. After all, if he’s going to attack the baby, then he’d turn into the bad guy.

A few seconds later, the bulldog finally got his chance to shield his ears from the baby’s rants.

What do you think the dog did? If you’re curious enough, then watch the video until the end and see for yourself how the argument ended.

Video Credit: Waggle TV via YouTube

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